Metal Work

We have a bandsaw cutting capacity of up to 450mm, with an adjustable vice for cutting up to 45 degree angles.

We can accurately prepare steelworks using the table and stops to set lengths and angles precisely and accurately thus ensuring quick production times.

We are able to; 

  • Punching up to 22mm x 15mm and 38mm x 8mm
  • Notching (8mm thickness)
  • Flat Shear (15mm thick by 300mm width)
  • Angle Shear (10mm thick by 100mm width)
  • Solid Round and Square Shear (30mm/25mm respectively)



Tube Notching (also known as Bird Mouthing) capacity is;

  • Tube: Minimum 20mm diameter / Maximum 76mm diameter
  • RHS: Maximum 76mm x 100mm
  • Angles: 30 to 90 degrees
  • Linishing edges
  • Linishing flatbed – 390mm x 100mm


Our heavy duty drill presses provides a maximum drilling capacity of up to 50mm in a maximum of 50mm plate